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The Audit-Business-Platform limited liability company, St. Petersburg, Russia (hereinafter referred to as Audit-Business-Platform, ABP ) was founded in May 2005.

Before September, 2006, Audit-Business-Platform was known in the market of auditing services under the name of Agency of Consulting and Audit of Sea Carriers (hereinafter referred to as ACASC); it had been created by a group of top-managers and leading experts of major Russia's companies operating in the field of transport logistics.

The professional experience, personal managerial capacity and faultless business reputation of the organizers allowed us to enter Russia's market of consulting and auditing services.

Experts having vast experience of work as financial managers, tax managers, chief accountants, internal and external auditors work for ABP. This has allowed ABP to create, using intelligence, culture and a high level of professionalism, a firm style of work involving a continuous search for new forms and methods of interaction with clients, and a constant scientific and methodical study of all consulting and auditing procedures.

In September, 2006 we completed a re-branding project focused on attracting a new target audience. While implementing the re-branding project, we changed the name of the Company. Its new name is Audit-Business-Platform.

We have been continuously working with more than 100 enterprises and organizations in various industries, mainly situated in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.


Our Mission in the market of auditing and consulting services is to strengthen and enhance the economic and strategic potential of our Clients, to improve the manageability of our Clients' business in the field of economics and finance, to reduce the taxation and administrative risks and to improve the reliability of the information contained in the financial reporting for shareholders and partners.

The availability of an up-to-date methodology of audit and many years of successful professional experience of our specialists are a pledge of successful implementation of our Mission.

Audit-Business-Platform's development strategy is aimed at strengthening the position in the market of auditing and consulting services.

The changing legislation and clients' needs necessitate the development of new services, technologies and proposals by the Company. Using a comprehensive approach, the specialists of Audit-Business-Platform solve clients' problems of various degrees of complexity.

The potential of Audit-Business-Platform is determined by the high internal standard of work with clients, individual approach to each client, high professionalism of the employees and the high corporate culture of managers.

It is not enough to have the desire and skilled specialists alone to conduct an audit. Experience of practical work with big organizations is necessary, and a conscious attitude to the work and to the interests of client's business is required.

We believe that the auditors and consultants of Audit-Business-Platform possess all necessary professional qualities that have been tested by many years of work at big and the biggest enterprises.

Today Audit-Business-Platform's services are in keen demand among big- and medium-size fast-developing Russian companies that try to use the best experience in managing business growth and increasing its value, as well as among foreign companies that want to better adjust their management approaches and methods to the economic and legal conditions of Russia.

Based on recommendations of our customers, we are constantly increasing the number of our clients.


Taking into account that professional audit ensures faithfulness of financial statements and, therefore, provides objective information for decisions made by shareholders, investors and business partners; audit performed by ABP includes the following primary duties:

  • to provide an independent opinion regarding the reliability of all financial statements including documentation represented in accordance with the terms, conditions, and objectives of the contract;
  • to determine the compliance of the clients’ accounting system with the requirements of the legislation and peculiarities of their business;
  • to assess the efficiency of the client’s internal control system;
  • to assess the implementation of the tax legislation and other legislation requirements in all material aspects;
  • to reveal critical areas and unused reserves of the client in accounting, taxation, internal control automation, etc.

The audit is performed in compliance with:

  1. the provisions of Federal Law No.119 adopted on August 07, 2001 «On Audit Activities»;
  2. the federal audit standards, developed and approved by the Government of Russia on the basis of international audit standards;
  3. the internal audit standards, methods and instructions.

The distinguishing strength of ABP is its ability to assemble high-performance project teams comprising professionals of various disciplines in order to resolve particularly complicated issues of our clients.

If requested by the client, an audit may be conducted by stages (quarters, semesters), which helps both to avoid additional load on the accountants at the end of the year and to make timely and complete necessary amendments in the financial statements.

The following audit reports are provided for the management and accounting department of the client:

  1. audit statement on annual accounting (financial) statements;
  2. audit report, which is the detailed analysis of all deficiencies and violations revealed and recommendations given by the auditors;
  3. if necessary – analytical statement on the most considerable incompliance relevant for the management of the client.

Our audit services incorporate continuous support and timely response to all clients' needs, including ongoing consultations, development of beneficial taxation plans and response to clients' individual requests related to client's specific activities.


  • Target research and analysis of specific areas in the accounting and taxation system;
  • tax audit aimed at identification and prevention of systematic tax risks;
  • audit (due diligence review) aimed at evaluation of financial records of the company with the view of:
    • supervision of management activities;
    • investment decisions;
    • pre-sale company review.


  • Consulting on various aspects of professional activities of our clients’ accountants:
    • accounting;
    • taxation;
    • securities circulation;
    • currency and customs legislation requirements, etc.
  • Tax planning revealing the existing opportunities of the Russian tax legislation for the client;
  • Analysis of the conformity of the client’s tax minimization plans (applied or planned) or transactions with the respective legislation;
  • Elaboration and implementation of the accounting policy, adaptation to automated accounting systems;
  • Arrangement of an effective accounting system.


  • Consulting on various legal problems our clients face in their financial and economic activities:
    • civil legislation consulting;
    • labor legislation consulting;
    • tax legislation consulting;
    • currency and customs legislation consulting;
    • foreign trade legislation consulting, etc.
  • Improvement of the local business regulations base;
  • Preparation and support of mergers and acquisitions and company pre-sale management;
  • Bankruptcy support provided both to the bankrupt and to the creditors;
  • Legitimacy assessment of regulations and actions of state authorities;
  • Communication of the client's interests to tax and other state bodies (making up substantiated statements of objection against tax inspection results within legitimate terms, appeals against actions and decisions of tax and other state bodies brought to higher authorities);
  • Representation at courts of arbitration of all levels (tax litigations).


Transfer of accounting services to outsourcing allows our clients to achieve greater efficiency and business transparency, if services are rendered professionally. Highly-qualified specialists of ABP will render professional services in the following spheres:

Finance and Tax Accounting

Restoration of accounting for any period, compilation of financial statements. Accounting through development and implementation of optimal accounting methods. Finance and tax accounting using general and simplified taxation systems.

Compilation of Financial Statements

Compilation of obligatory financial, tax and statistical statements and presentation of them to the tax and other government authorities.

Outsourcing of Certain Business Processes

Salary calculation. Accounting for property, plant and equipment. Accounting for settlements with debtors.


For clients who have decided not to transform their financial statements to the IFRS and, however, need the financial statements of their company to be more faithful and reliable:

  • analysis of the Russian accounting policy in order to make it closer to the IFRS;
  • research for alternative approaches in the context of accounting problems of Russian GAAP.
For clients who have decided to transform their financial statements to the IFRS:
  • restatement of financial statements in compliance with the IFRS.
For the clients who are already transforming their financial statements to the IFRS:
  • advisory services on preparation, application and interpretation of the IFRS;
  • advisory services on the IFRS with continuous control of changes in the IFRS.


It’s vitally significant to make the cost of audit be well-grounded and estimated appropriately at the minimum with the indication of applicable hour or day rate and planned working hours as the client would like to know what the cost of audit is made up of. Our pricing approach is aimed at the highest transparency and economy for the client and depends above all on the amount of efforts spent, i.e.

  • Planned labor-intensiveness (man-hours or man-days spent at specific stages and qualifications of staff required for the stage);
  • Man-hour (man-day) cost of audit (hourly rates)

Planned labor-intensiveness is determined by the multiple factors such as size of the organization, number of its activities, forms and methods of accounting, structure and number of assets and liabilities, availability of branch offices, taxation system, volume of document circulation, etc.

The hourly rate (man-hour or man-day cost) is justified by the requirements to the quality of audit services established by the legislation regulating audit activity. During hourly rate calculation we took into account the recommendations stipulated by the Methodology of audit services cost estimation approved by the decision of The Institute of Professional Auditors (protocol № 55 of 15 December 2004).

For estimation of planned man-hours and cost of audit services we need the information contained in the form below:


Please fill in the following application form and send it via

  • e-mail to mtn@abpconsultant.ru or info@abpconsultant.ru
  • or by fax (812) 272-60-08

After receiving your application for the audit our specialists will contact you and submit an individual proposal for provision of services for you with an indication of the cost of audit, number of audit-days, applicable discounts and bonuses.



In 1995 the company received a license of the Ministry of Finance for auditor activity


In 2006 the company entered into the Institute of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Russia (hereinafter — ICAAR) - the professional auditor association accredited by the Ministry of Finance.

In 2009 the company entered into the Auditor association " Commonwealth "(hereinafter — AAC) - the professional auditor association accredited by the Ministry of Finance.

The AAC is a professional self-regulatory body that assists in developing standards of professional ethics, as well as accounting and auditing standards.


In June, 2009 the Company has received the award and the Diploma of the International Public recognition «Global World Economic Award (GWEA)» (the International Assembly of Economic, Cultural and Scientific Cooperation (I.A.E.C.S.C.)) in the nomination «For professionalism, a high level of management and corporate culture in the field of rendering auditor and consulting services».

On November, 11th, 2009 the Company is recognized to be the winner of Competition «Made in St.-Petersburg», having received the highest rating estimation, the gold quality symbol «Is made in St.-Petersburg » in a nomination «For auditor services», the honorable diploma of the winner of Competition «Is made in St.-Petersburg », the honorable diploma of the winner of interbranch Competition «Business honor of businessmen of Petersburg » in a nomination « Business reputation».

External quality assurance

According to Federal standards and the standards of auditor activity approved by the Commission on auditor activity at the President of the Russian Federation, the auditor organizations are obliged to create and maintain the internal monitoring system of quality of auditor services, and the professional auditor associations accredited at the Ministry of Finance of Russia, realize functions on quality assurance of the control of the auditor organizations-members of the accredited professional auditor association.

In October 2007 ABP was examined and certified by the Institute of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Russia for compliance with audit regulations, professional ethics, audit quality, license terms and requirements.

According to ICAAR's conclusion, ABP observes all current auditing standards and the Code of Auditors' Ethics.

According to the Conclusion of Committee of Economic development of Industry and Trade of the Government of St.-Petersburg of November 09, 2009 given out by results of independent audit of the monitoring system of quality, quality of management of Audit-Business-Platform provides integrity and stability of activity of the company, the highest rating estimation is appropriated to the company.

As the member of the Self-Regulated Organization of auditors Association “Sodruzhestvo” (SRO AAS) ABP had eternal quality controls in 2011 and 2014. The experts of SRO AAS confirmed that ABP meets all requirements of quality standards.


  • We always maintain a high level of professional competence of our specialists by means of the strict primary selection and regular professional development, thus controlling the level and quality of our services;
  • We are interested in the perfection of standards in our sector and intend to comply with the up-to-date world market requirements;
  • We offer our clients an individual approach depending on the peculiarities and needs of their business, recognizing that each client is a unique economic entity for whom we are ready to design personal solutions par excellence;
  • We consider our efficient corporate culture an undoubted value and a supplementary guarantee of the reliability of cooperation with us;
  • We aim at long-term partner relationships and prosperity of our clients’ businesses – we are not only materially responsible in accordance with legislation in force but we primarily value our reputation;
  • We implement open, sound and flexible pricing for our services;
  • We assess our work on the basis of performance.


Today ABP employs ambitious and energetic professionals. We hire the most qualified staff: auditors, accounting specialists, tax experts, legal experts. All of them are enthusiastic, devoted and competitive. All of them possess auditor qualification certificates or professional accountant certificates or tax consulting certificates.

From time to time, we hire skilled personnel (qualified auditors) on a contractual basis, making a contract agreement with them.


Confidentiality of our clients and their partners is the main principle of ABP. As required by audit standards, confidentiality is kept during and upon completion of the contract performance, i.e. it is not subject to expiration. Confidentiality is a professional obligation of each team member. ABP is to take responsibility for a breach of confidentiality both to the client and to third parties.


All our staff have PCs and access to legislative and standards databases. This gives us special mobility and allows us to settle issues promptly. Much attention is paid to improving the professional level of our staff. Every year every employee takes a training course under programs approved by the Ministry of Finance of Russia at authorized higher educational institutions of Saint-Petersburg to improve his or her professional performance. Although the training requires considerable investment on our part, we believe it is impossible to react promptly to frequent changes in the legislation without it.

In order to maintain and improve the competence of our staff we established a quality assurance system comprising qualification reviews, current activity monitoring and results assessment. As there are many complicated issues, ABP practices a team approach. All problems of clients are thoroughly studied and discussed by each department. Thus we ensure a high quality of our services, the maximum regard to individual client requests, and the best solutions for complex issues aimed at protection of clients' business interests.


Audit companies and their staff hold civil, administrative and criminal responsibility provided for by the legislation. Such responsibility is an important incentive to provide the high level of services by ABP. However, our main interest is to maintain the good reputation of our professional audit activities. All professional activities of ABP are covered by professional indemnity insurance issued by the insurance company.

Audit is one of highly professional intellectual activities involving great responsibility. ABP is fully accountable for its opinion both to the client and to the state. Because of the high risk related to audit activities, the public legislation and internal corporate standards of ABP include a variety of procedures and steps that reduce such risk to an adequate level. As a company dealing with the interests of many big corporations, we pay special attention to the quality assurance plan implemented by ABP.

If you have any questions concerning ABP, please do not hesitate to contact us, available at mtn@abpconsultant.ru or by phone: 8(921)-272-60-08.